Questionable Content

It seems that I’ve been sucked into the world of web comics . I’ve always had a geeky side (hence the fact that I work in IT!) and have a fair sized collection of ‘graphic novels’ already. Webcomics have been something of an unknown for me though and the first one I was really aware of was Questionable Content . Written by Jeph Jacques it follows the lives of Indie Kids Marten and Faye and their slightly dysfunctional relationship. He’s done over 800 strips at this point and I’m making my way through the archives to catch up. It’s interesting to watch the artwork develop along with the relationships of the characters. It has a sit-com feel to it, but the humour is vastly superior to anything you’ll find on an episode of Friends and a touch more risqué too! Jacques obviously loves his music and various indie bands are name checked throughout without feeling contrived or pretentious.

I’ve added a list of webcomics that caught my eye over the last week or so. Read, Enjoy!

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