The Highland Year of Culture kicked off on Friday night with a huge party in the centre of Inverness. Around 15,000 people were estimated to attend and I have to say that me and the wee one were thoroughly impressed. Bloody cold though! Nessie's monster friends were just a little bit too realistic for my daughter and we had to go home early. Proof if any was needed, that Inverness can throw a good party!

We had music by the Blazing Fiddles and the Inverness Gaelic choir. The choir were incredible, singing one of the most haunting and powerful songs I've hear in a long time. It all made me very proud to be Scottish.

If anyone reading this is up in the Highlands this year, then check out the Highland Year of Culture website for a list of events. There's plenty of things to go and see. I'm in danger of sounding like a member of the Tourist Office (well I suppose I do work for them now!) but I honestly think this will be a good year in the Highlands.

Gaelic Word for the day (week?) : Partaidh! Party! Pronounced pretty much the same as the English (Part-ay)

Tioraidh an t-drasda.


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