It's good!! Yes I know it's not out yet but apparently you can listen to it on their MySpace site. I don't have MySpace as I feel it's for children and the mentally deranged. But if you're of a dishonest nature you could always have a sneak peek on one of the many torrent sites out there.

Anyway I've listened to the whole album and it is very, very good. I know it's not always fashionable or 'cool' to like Coldplaybut I've been a fan since the start and have found that each album has got progressively better.

They've clearly tried to move away from their usual sound and Brian Eno has most definitely put his stamp on the album. At times the U2 similarities are glaring but fortunately this seems to sort itself out by the time the 3rd song kicks in. 'Strawberry Swing' could have been written by Tinariwen with African styled guitars weaving their way throughout the song. Stand out track for me is the current single 'Violet Hill' .....


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